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Burlington School District

Burlington School District is a pre-k-12 public school system serving around 4,000 students in Burlington, VT. Our mission is to graduate students who: value different cultures, engage with the community, communicate effectively, think creatively, skillfully solve problems, and achieve at their highest academic, intellectual, and personal potential.

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Our School District

Burlington is a vibrant, picturesque community on Lake Champlain and the most culturally diverse city in Vermont. Burlington has an international airport, and is in close proximity to a number of large cities, including Montreal (90 minutes away by car), Boston (45 minutes by air), and New York City (one hour by air). With our excellent schools system, parks and Lake Champlain, and local ski mountains within an hour’s drive, it is not surprising that Burlington routinely finds itself on the “best places in the country to raise children” lists.

Diversity & Equity

The Burlington School District, led by its Office of Diversity, Equity, and Community Partnership, embraces its role in establishing a long-term mission and vision for diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is our mission to value differences and to actively promote inclusion and equity. We will not passively accept an unwelcoming and unsafe environment for our students and staff.




Superintendent Tom Flanagan began serving in his position in Burlington School District (BSD) on July 1, 2020. He believes that an inclusive and rigorous public education is essential to a healthy community, and is dedicated to overturning historical inequities that primarily affect students of color, students who live in poverty, and students with disabilities.

During his career, Mr. Flanagan has worked to promote equity in education and to tackle the opportunity gap. He believes shared responsibility among the community, culturally-relevant teaching and deep learning, and family engagement are the foundations of this work.



– Tom Flanagan

Multiculural Services

The mission of the Burlington School District English Learner (EL) program is to provide instruction to ensure that ELs gain the linguistic, social and academic skills they need as members of the Burlington school community. Our vision is that all students learn in a school community that values its multicultural and multilingual student body. ELs access a rigorous academic curriculum and receive support to learn English and achieve at school. We view our students as emergent bilinguals; that is, we encourage students to maintain and even strengthen their primary language(s) while learning English. Current and former ELs are productive members of the Burlington community.

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Diversity & Equity

Our Core Beliefs

  • Equity
  • Engagement
  • Deep Learning

I believe our core responsibility is to make sure all of the students we serve are valued and challenged and that we intentionally build on their strengths and assets. We have a responsibility to ensure we create learning communities that are conscious of the students we serve. By addressing inequities we improve outcomes for all of our students, staff, and the greater community.


I believe families, communities, and schools must work together closely. In order to engage our communities, we must be intentional about building sustaining relationships. Through building these relationships, we also build empathy, compassion, and trust.

Deep Learning

I believe students, particularly students who are furthest from opportunity, deserve deep learning experiences that challenge them to think creatively, to collaborate, and to solve complex problems. I believe in empowering educators to learn and grow together so they can foster environments where all students have access to deep, rigorous learning experiences.


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The Burlington School Board will not discriminate or retaliate against any employee, applicant for employment, students or other designated beneficiaries of the statutes listed below in any employment or educational decision because the employee, applicant, or student opposed any practice made unlawful by or participated in any manner in an investigation, proceeding or hearing under the laws listed below and their regulations.