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Mastery Charter Schools is a nonprofit network of more than 24 schools serving over 14,000 students in Philadelphia and Camden.   We are the largest turnaround school operator in the nation and have been lauded by President Obama and the US Department of Education for our ability to dramatically boost academic achievement in historically low-performing schools.

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Our Mission


We believe educational inequity is the most pressing social problem facing our country and the civil rights issue of our day. Mastery exists to help solve this problem. Our ultimate goal is to create a model urban school district that serves all students with excellence. We are organized around one driving mission: All students learn the academic and personal skills they need to be truly prepared for postsecondary success and able to pursue their dreams. To fulfill this mission, we attend to the whole child – academically and emotionally – matching high expectations for students with high levels of support.

We know neighborhood schools matter, all students deserve access to a great education, and the people in our building can grow and develop sustainably to make the biggest impact possible in this work.


Looking for amazing teachers

Love your work. Build your career. Choose Mastery.

Excellent teachers make excellent schools. That’s why we are relentless about hiring top educators who can provide high-quality instruction AND build authentic, loving relationships with students.

We pride ourselves on helping teachers maximize their potential, providing them with 250+ hours of professional development each year and opportunities to advance at their campus and across the Mastery network.

We are committed to hiring a diverse staff to create warm, joyful, student-centered and welcoming schools.


Teacher support and development is our priority. Our staff participates in professional development every Wednesday and have more than 250 hours of professional development each year. Our approach to professional development includes explicitly building discrete skills, practicing execution of those skills, refining execution through feedback cycles, leading to mastery of skills over time.
New teachers get support through a year-long new teacher induction program. This includes a week-long Mastery staff institute focused on providing an overview of Mastery’s mission and culture and providing opportunities to develop and practice foundational classroom skills, regular access to a new teacher mentor at your school site and monthly new teacher induction training sessions focused on cultivating emotional resilience and building instructional skills.
We ensure teachers have the space, resources and practice they need to excel before and throughout the school year. Our teachers participate in robust coaching cycles driven by concrete, manageable goals; frequent real-time feedback; modeling and practice. We are nationally recognized for our teacher coaching model.
Our teachers participate in outcomes-oriented planning meetings with school or central office experts. Planning meetings drive content expertise, outstanding lesson design and thoughtful collaboration with peers.


At Mastery, you will have support on-site at your school and through content specialists based out of our central office. Here are the different folks who will support you:

  • Campus Onboarding Leaders: Mastery has launched a Campus Onboarding Leader program at our campuses that allows veteran teachers to support new teachers with easing your transition to your campus. No inquiry is too big or small – our COLs are here to help!
  • Mentors: Many of our schools assign a mentor for new teachers who assist you with both instructional and non-instructional duties.
  • Coaching: In many cases, academic coaches assist new teachers with improving your instructional effectiveness through observations, coaching, and feedback.
  • Leadership structure: Mastery values continuous improvement. All teachers receive constant feedback based on formal and informal observations and student data. All teachers receive guidance from the following school-based leaders:
    Principal – strategic leader of a campus. Directly manages Assistant Principals and reports to a Regional Schools Officer
    Assistant Principals of Instruction – Content experts who directly manage a group of teachers within a building
    Assistant Principal of School Culture – Manages the cultural expectations of a building. Directly supervises the Deans and oversees campus-wide behavioral plans/initiatives
    Assistant Principal of Specialized Services – Ensures the IEP needs of students are met and manages the Special Education Team in each building. The team contains Special Education Teachers, Case Managers, Para Professionals, Classroom Clinicians, and Social Workers
    Assistant Principal of Operations – Manages the day-to-day operations of a building. Scheduling, time management, supplies and general needs of students and staff all roll up to the APO

We believe that culture, race, and identity strongly influence how we teach, how students learn, and how the school community interacts; we also believe the cultural backgrounds of our students and families are a source of strength and opportunity. Consequently, Mastery has initiated a comprehensive training program to develop staff’s ability to be aware of – and responsive to — cultural, racial and individual identities. We believe candid conversations about race and bias create a healthier and more effective school community.

All school-based staff members participate in professional learning communities (PLCs). These peer-led, small groups are designed to facilitate thoughtful reflection about teaching and the larger context of their work and effectiveness as teachers. The ultimate goal of the PLCs is to positively influence staff members’ relationships with their students.



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Mastery Schools, Central Office
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Telephone: 215-866-9000

School Hours: M-F: 8am – 3pm

Non-Discrimination Policy

The district prohibits discrimination and harassment on any basis protected by law, including but not limited to, an individual’s perceived or actual race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation1, national or ethnic origin, marital status, age, mental or physical disability or perceived disability, pregnancy, familial status, economic status, or veteran’s status; or because of the perceived or actual race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, marital status, age, mental or physical disability or perceived disability, pregnancy, familial status, economic status, or veteran’s status of any other person with whom the individual associates. The district seeks to avoid endorsement of any activity or organization that does not adhere to these principles.