Teachers of Color & Diverse Cultures

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The mission is to connect school employers with credentialed teachers of color and diverse cultures to reflect their student body.

“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”
-Audre Lorde

About the Campaign

Over the next 8 weeks, DIVERSITY in Ed plans to roll out a weekly campaign featuring concrete tips and recommendations for how to engage teachers from diverse backgrounds and improve staff diversity at your school or district. Learn from our authentic, solutions oriented, and expert informed approach, and start hiring—and retaining—high quality teachers from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

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Each week, you’ll find exclusive content in our blog feature, plus opportunities to connect at this Fall’s Virtual Meet & Greet with Teachers of Color & Diverse Cultures.

Week 1 - July 6
Campaign Intro – Recruiting & Hiring Teachers of Color & Diverse Cultures

Tip #1: Let Data Drive Diversity
If you’re ready to truly improve teacher diversity at your school or district, the first step is to take a look first at the demographics of your student body. Once you have a clear sense of the racial and ethnic makeup of your school, you can begin actively working to recruit candidates from diverse backgrounds to better reflect the mix of students you serve. When talking with any new teacher candidates, be prepared for questions about diversity for both students and staff. Remember, teachers from diverse backgrounds aren’t looking for a principal or administrator who says they’re “color-blind,” rather, they want to be seen as the unique individuals they are who bring a range of strengths into the classroom. [Read more…]

Week 2 - July 13
Recruiting & Hiring Black Teachers

Tip #2: Let Data Drive Diversity
Building a diverse school is not simply a matter of hiring one Black teacher and considering the diversity box “checked.” Rather, it’s important to consider that one of the key factors to retaining quality teachers of color is helping to ensure that they don’t feel isolated and/or tokenized. Take a broader look at your hiring and seek to fill multiple positions with quality teachers from a range of diverse backgrounds, and build in opportunities for Black teachers to network with one another, and with other teachers across the district and/or community. [Read more…]

Week 3 - July 20
Recruiting & Hiring Hispanic & Latino Teachers

Tip #3: Appreciate the Whole Person and Avoid Assumptions
Hispanic identity can be complex. Teachers of Spanish and/or Portuguese descent may use different terms to describe their ethnicity—for example, a recent survey discussed preferences between “Hispanic,” “Latino,” and the newer term, “Latinx.” Pay attention, and respect how someone identifies if they choose to share that information with you and your colleagues. And avoid making assumptions, especially about someone’s country of origin. For example, referring to a candidate as “Hispanic” instead of “Mexican,” is a better way to acknowledge their ethnicity if you don’t actually know their specific background. [Read more…]

Week 4 - August 3
Recruiting & Hiring Asian-American Teachers

Tip #4: Be Clear About Your School’s Needs, and Offer Room for the Candidate to Shine – Teachers who identify as Asian American represent a very broad spectrum of individuals from a range of different countries and immigration experiences. While national trends strongly indicate that the increase in the Asian American population in the United States is due to immigration, it’s important not to make assumptions that this is true for every Asian American teacher candidates you interview. But you can be crystal clear about the needs facing your school, for example—a higher percentage of immigrant students who need support with learning English. This may provide a great opening for a teacher candidate to share their own personal background or story, and offer their take on how they can help students who are new to the U.S. feel comfortable—and ultimately thrive—in the classroom.  [Read more…]

Week 5 - August 10

Recruiting & Hiring Native American Teachers

Week 6 - August 17

Recruitment & Hiring Male Teachers

Week 7 - August 24

Recruiting & Hiring Muslim/Religious Teachers

Week 8 - August 31

Recruiting & Hiring LGBTQ Teachers

Virtual Campaign Events

Virtual Networking  ‘Meet & Greet’ Teacher Recruitment Event

October 28, 2020 from 12 noon – 4pm, CST

6th Annual Teacher Recruitment Event

April 14, 2021 from 11 am – 4pm, CST

For more information or campaign updates, email editor@diversityined.com or contact (281) 265-2473.

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Week 5 (August 10) – Recruiting & Hiring Native-American Teachers

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