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DIVERSITY RECRUITMENT PARTNERS is a certified minority vendor that partners with employers who are committed to implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives for both compliance obligations and to increase the overall bottom line with a more diverse workforce.

Employers may post career opportunities and find qualified, diverse candidates on our niche job boards —, and


We connect the leaders and educators of future generations with the opportunities they need. Get discovered today.


Looking to hire? We help schools add talented individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives.

OUR Sponsored Partners In Education

Achievement First
Charleston County School District
Fairfax County Public Schools
Garland ISD
Prince Georges County Public Schools


Clark County School District
Duval County Public Schools
Gwinnett County Public Schools



Anne Arundel county public Schools
Chelsea Public Schools
Holt Public Schools
Rockford Public Schools
Seattle Public Schools
Weston Public Schools

OUR FEATURED Members In Education

OUR Members In Education

DIVERSITY in Ed Resources

How Do Employment Background Checks Work?

By Rebecca Koenig U.S. News — Employers must seek your permission before delving into your criminal or financial records. DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY HAS made it easy for employers to peel back the layers of workers’ pasts. And they’re taking advantage of those opportunities:...

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About Diversity In Ed

DIVERSITY in Ed hosts a job board, virtual job fair platform and print magazine to connect job-seeking bilingual, multicultural and diverse teachers with school employers, educational institutions, and professional organizations committed to equity and diverse recruitment.