Professional Identity

How do You Look? The process of constructing a professional identity through clothing is complicated by the flexible standards of workplace attire for teachers and education professionals. Professionalism in education requires...

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The Interview

5 Themes of Interview Questions In deciding how to phrase your answers, it is helpful if you understand how to shape your answer around one of the five central themes of successful teaching. You will not try to address all five...

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The Portfolio

What is a Presentation Portfolio? A presentation portfolio is compiled for the expressed purpose of giving others an effective and easy-to-read portrait of your professional competence. A presentation portfolio is selective and...

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Success Series (Part 3)

Know the Value of Persistence Stubborn persistence may be the critical factor that separates you from the competition. Scientist Thomas Edison, inventor of the lightbulb, phonograph, and 1,091 other revolutionary technologies,...

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Recruiting Diverse Talent

8 Promising Practices A growing body of evidence suggests that workplace diversity can serve as a key driver of organizational success. For instance, through an examination of various data points from the National Organizations...

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Cover Letters & Résumés

By Dr. Wafa Hozien It’s important that your résumé is as current as possible. We have included a few general tips to help guide you in the process of preparing your cover letter and résumé. Writing Cover Letters Sample...

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Sample Cover Letter

Jenna Stonebridge 137 Crayola Way Trenton, NJ 07470 973-123-4567 (h) 973-123-1234 (c) Email:   November 2, 2016   Mr. Joseph Clark Hillsdale Elementary School 907 South Street Trenton, NJ...

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Writing Cover Letters

By Dr. Wafa Hozien Before You Write Your Cover Letter Research the school or school district that is hiring and use what you learn to personalize your letter. This will show that you wrote the cover letter specifically for the...

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