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ESL Elementary Teacher job in Houston

Vacancy has expired

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Texas (TX), Houston
Employer:  DIVERSITY in Ed
City:  Houston
State:  Texas (TX)
Zip Code:  77024

ESL teachers at the elementary level are focused on teaching young language learners to use English in a variety of settings. Teachers should:

Teach English for a variety of social settings

Teach English to achieve academics in all subject areas

Teach students to become effective self-advocates in English

Teach students to use effective learning strategies

Help students with cultural elements of the English speaking classroom

Help students advocate for their parents for necessary business and social transactions

Promote awareness of ESL in the context of the school and community

Be a knowledgeable point of reference for cultural mores and traditions of students' countries and cultures

Develop appropriate instructional strategies

Use a variety of instructional and assessment skills to ensure robust learning occurs

Understand and use a student's rate of acculturation

Be empathetic to a student's migration experience and its stressors

Be aware of the level of development in a student's first language and how this may impact ESL learning

Be aware of student's prior experiences with English and English speaking culture

Scaffold student's learning using their prior learning in their first language

Be mindful of whether or not learning disabilities are a factor

Create a caring and supportive ESL classroom environment

Provide appropriate amounts of ESL support as students learn the language

Provide extracurricular and in-classroom opportunities for English interaction

Be empathetic to student emotions that surface in the learning situation

Identify reasons for listening to English - for information, to interact socially, to follow direction

Demonstrate how to listen effectively in English

Evaluate student's English comprehension and listening strategies, model more sophisticated strategies as students skills progress

Teach students to check for understanding by retelling a story or text in English and in their first language

Teach students to ask meaningful questions about the story in English

Help students discern explicit and implicit information from the story and non-verbal markers - i.e. vocal intonation and facial expression of the reader. This often has a cultural component.

Identify whether a text is fact or fiction based on evidence from the story

Teach students how to communicate information in a clear manner using standard English constructs

Teach students to identify text and literary features in English fiction; relate to first language fiction where possible and applicable

Teach children to read English with both fluency and comprehension

Help students produce a variety of texts and media texts in English

Assist and advocate for students creating English work in the rest of their subject load

Job Category:  Elementary/Primary
Position type:  Full-Time
School Type:  Urban Schools
Charter Schools
Suburban Schools
Rural Schools
Independent Schools
Subject:  English/Language
Salary:  $50,000 - $74,999
Additional information:  DIVERSITY RECRUITMENT PARTNERS is committed to helping school employers who are fostering a learning environment where diversity is encouraged in recruiting and retaining a workforce that reflects the diversity of their students and surrounding population and to hiring the best employees of all backgrounds who will bring their unique talents and skills into their school system. Bilingual, multicultural and diverse teacher candidates are encouraged to apply.
Special Instructions:  Apply to job on DIVERSITY in ED for HR Recruiters to quickly access your resume.
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