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High School History Teacher job in Houston

Vacancy has expired

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Texas (TX), Houston
Employer:  DIVERSITY in Ed
City:  Houston
State:  Texas (TX)
Zip Code:  77024

History teachers at the high school level focus on current events and civic engagement. High school history teachers work hard to help students become engaged in American politics on a local, state, and national level. High school teachers may:

·        Help students describe the ongoing challenges of racial and cultural groups in America

·        Help students describe various community, cultural group and country contributions to American society

·        Inform students about a variety of historical and contemporary examples of injustice in America and abroad

·        Help students demonstrate America's relationship with First Nation people

·        Ell students describe the progress that America has made in terms of human rights and equity

·        Teach students about the impact of important social movements and shifts in perception

·        Teach students how social groups have created unions and coalitions in order to advance equity and their objectives

·        Teach students to identify how to work and live in a diverse society

·        Teach students about eras in US history, from first contacts to contemporary America

·        Teach students about the significance of wars in American history and their impact on culture and global relations

·        Teach students about America's revolutions and their impact on culture and settlement

·        Teach students about settlement in the East, and the West

·        Empower students to have an historical mindset and line of inquiry in approaching history for research and study

·        Empower students to become critical thinkers about the success of historical campaigns and movements of all kinds

·        Teach students about mapping basics and our nation's identity

·        Teach students about First visitors and First Nations people and the significance of national holidays

·        Teach students about ancient civilizations, colonization and economics

·        Teach students about general United States history

·        Teach students about political systems in ancient, historic, and modern times

·        Teach students about notable American achievements

·        Teach students about the organization of the American government and the electoral process

·        Teach students about the structure and function of local and state governmental organizations

·        Teach students about the evolution and influence of American culture decade-by-decade

·        Model initiative, resiliency, and patience for students, while maximizing student experience

·        Be reflective listeners and unbiased assessors of projects, tests, and assignments

·        Support the values mission of the school district and school

·        Commit to teaching students in their particular community, and empowering them to lead there

·        Help students see high academic goals as personally achievable

·        Undertake professional development opportunities as often as time permits

·        Communicate with students and their families to report on progress

·        Praise students in a professional manner to foster pride in their academic achievements

·        Develop positive associations with students and their families

·        Conduct all teaching practice and related activities in a professional manner

Job Category:  High School
Position type:  Part-Time
School Type:  Urban Schools
Charter Schools
Suburban Schools
Rural Schools
Independent Schools
Subject:  Social Studies
Salary:  $50,000 - $74,999
Additional information:  DIVERSITY RECRUITMENT PARTNERS is committed to helping school employers who are fostering a learning environment where diversity is encouraged in recruiting and retaining a workforce that reflects the diversity of their students and surrounding population and to hiring the best employees of all backgrounds who will bring their unique talents and skills into their school system. Bilingual, multicultural and diverse teacher candidates are encouraged to apply.
Special Instructions:  Apply to job on DIVERSITY in ED for HR Recruiters to quickly access your resume.
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