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Kindergarten Teacher job in Houston

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Texas (TX), Houston
Employer:  DIVERSITY in Ed
City:  Houston
State:  Texas (TX)
Zip Code:  77024

Kindergarten teachers will often have their own classroom and be responsible for teaching their students a variety of fundamental subjects throughout the day. These subjects will include social studies, science, language arts (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), and math. During this highly developmental year, students will learn how to read and compose simple sentences. Since content can be very new and challenging for the young learners, Kindergarten teachers are expected to offer many hands on and engaging activities as part of the lessons. In addition, it is highly effective to integrate visual and performing arts as well as play into the curriculum. As with other grades, kindergarten teachers should adapt and modify lessons to meet the individual needs of their students.


Curriculum in kindergarten is typically planned around play and hands on learning. Kindergarten teachers are expected to teach developmentally appropriate material and understand the standards for their state. Typically, each school district will select curriculum guides and textbooks based on the state's objective learning standards. The kindergarten teacher will be expected to adapt and implement the curriculum for use in his/her classroom.

Kindergarten teachers are a key component of helping children experience a head start in school so that they can grow up to become successful individuals. The kindergarten classroom is a child-centered play-based class in which students are largely self-directed. While jobs do vary from district to district, the typical role of the kindergarten teacher looks like this:

Provide young children with a fully-integrated learning day

Invite parents to share information

Teach students skills of self-regulation and communication

Teach students through active engagement

Model investigative mindsets through play

Engage students in lines of inquiry to enhance their play and learning

Evaluate child's achievement of the overall kindergarten expectations

Make observations of students and parents to inform a child's learning style

Communicate with parents and students often

Help students develop imagination throughout various learning centers in the classroom

Help kindergartners develop better coordination through gross and fine motor activities

Help kindergartners develop a healthy body and body image

Teach students about nature through experiences with the world

Help kindergarteners master new motor skills through modeling and

Model emotional regulation for kindergartners

Teach appropriate behaviors in a particular school setting

Model understanding and response for behavior

Model clear rules in the classroom and for the outside world

Model consistent expectations for the classroom

Use positive discipline tactics that are developmentally appropriate

Help students develop positive relationships with each other and other people in their lives

Undergo pretend play with students to help them synthesize the world

Teach emotional intelligence in a way that is practical and relevant

Teach and model behavior of strong readers and listeners to encourage development

Show kindergarten students that reading is fun

Teach kindergartners how to make hypotheses about a story development

Teach kindergartners about cause and effect in a story

Model how kindergartners should listen and concentrate in a classroom

Teach kindergarteners how to use words to express increasingly sophisticated feelings

Teach students about routines and activities about the school day

Teach students the foundations of literacy and numeracy

Help families identify potential strengths and areas of need

Help families access resources and supports for child development and emergent academics

Undertake professional development whenever possible; share professional resources and observations

Advocate for appropriate freedom and autonomy for students at home and in the classroom

Praise students in order to acknowledge their development and achievements using appropriate words and body language

Conduct all work activities in a timely and professional manner reflecting best educational practices

Job Category:  Early Education/Preschool
Position type:  Full-Time
School Type:  Urban Schools
Charter Schools
Suburban Schools
Rural Schools
Independent Schools
Subject:  Classroom Teacher
Additional information:  DIVERSITY RECRUITMENT PARTNERS is committed to helping school employers who are fostering a learning environment where diversity is encouraged in recruiting and retaining a workforce that reflects the diversity of their students and surrounding population and to hiring the best employees of all backgrounds who will bring their unique talents and skills into their school system. Bilingual, multicultural and diverse teacher candidates are encouraged to apply.
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