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High School Teaching Assistant job in Houston

Vacancy has expired

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Texas (TX), Houston
Employer:  DIVERSITY in Ed
City:  Houston
State:  Texas (TX)
Zip Code:  77024

High school teaching assistants work hard to ensure that students with special needs are able to achieve success in the classroom, with proper programming from teachers, and additional professional support. High school teaching assistants:

Work with students who have Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), autism, or Asperger's syndrome

Work with students who are blind, low-vision, deaf, Deaf, or hard-of-hearing, or who have Central Auditory Processing Delays (CAP-D)

Work with students who have physical disabilities, cognitive impairments, or developmental delays

Work with students who have documented behavioral issues that affect learning in the mainstream classroom

Work with students who may have a combination of any of these additional learning needs

Assess student learning needs in the classroom on a concrete basis deploying strategies as directed by the special education teacher and classroom teacher

Provide data for the creation of an accurate and effective Individual Education Plan

Act as a daily point of contact for internal stakeholders and possibly the student themselves as their individual need dictates

Act as a friendly face and advocate for the student

Assume an increasingly professionally distant demeanor in order to help students learn the valuable skill of self-advocacy as they approach the end of high school

Monitor and document school to work transitioning

Advocate for students to enter extensive co-operative education placements both in and outside of the school

Keep rigorous data on accommodation and/or modification and/or alternate programming to classroom tasks

Promote and problem solve integration into the mainstream classroom environment where possible, feasible and beneficial to the student

Support the use of special education technology in the classroom

Suggest and enact beneficial reductions in support, so that students can foster self-reliance and independence as appropriate

Assist classroom teachers in implementing and tracking alternate teaching and learning strategies

Model and role-play self-advocacy skills for students in the classroom and in life-skills situations

Engage in professional development on a continual basis

Understand the medical, physical, behavioural, emotional and social implications of a particular diagnosis, how this may impact learning and life situations; remain absolutely confidential in this regard

Advocate on behalf of the student's needs to classroom teachers

Provide mainstream students with strategies for patience and inclusion in classroom and extracurricular activities

Ensure that accommodations or modifications during instructional time are also in place during assessments

Work within the boundaries of the student's transition plan from year to year

Engage in active listening with students and teachers

Support students as they strive to meet academic and developmental - ensure that metrics are in place so that every small success is measureable

Communicate proactively and professionally about students with teaching and non-teaching staff, bearing in mind the impact of confidentiality regarding vulnerable persons

Support the school's culture and practices for inclusion

Conduct all work activities in a professional manner

Job Category:  High School
Position type:  Full-Time
School Type:  Independent Schools
Rural Schools
Suburban Schools
Charter Schools
Urban Schools
Subject:  Classroom Teacher
Additional information:  DIVERSITY RECRUITMENT PARTNERS is committed to helping school employers who are fostering a learning environment where diversity is encouraged in recruiting and retaining a workforce that reflects the diversity of their students and surrounding population and to hiring the best employees of all backgrounds who will bring their unique talents and skills into their school system. Bilingual, multicultural and diverse teacher candidates are encouraged to apply.
Special Instructions:  Apply to job on DIVERSITY in ED for HR Recruiters to quickly access your resume.
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