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Elementary School Vice Principal job in Houston

Vacancy has expired

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Texas (TX), Houston
Employer:  DIVERSITY in Ed
City:  Houston
State:  Texas (TX)
Zip Code:  77024

Technically the subordinate of the school's principal, the vice principal nonetheless plays a critical role in the smooth functioning of the school every day. Elementary vice principals are responsible for the day-to-day management and caretaking of their school and its students and staff. Elementary vice principals:

Assist with the administration of a school for students from grade Ensure that each classroom has an excellent teacher committed to their success

Sets clear standards for student and staff achievement

Focus on preparing students for the next transition - change in school year, graduation to high school, or a move to secondary school

Maintain a positive and safe school culture

Oversee and administers to school policies regarding student conduct and discipline

Maintain and oversees systems for collecting and tracking data on school progress toward achievement of goals

Liaise with parents and facilitate parent education about school matters

Facilitate parental involvement in support of school and extracurricular activities

Give presentations to the community, parents and other external stakeholders on school culture, academics and safety

Are an assertive presence during school hours to monitor school culture and create positive change

Organize and facilitate school events that promote connections between the greater community, the school, and the school district

Develop staff policies and the student handbook

Become the point of contact for at risk students who require crisis intervention

Supervise and manage student arrival and departure

Supervise student behavior in school common areas

Keep accurate student discipline records

Observe and mentor teaching and non-teaching staff

Support teachers to create and sustain classroom management systems

Facilitate teacher focus on student assessment and evaluation

Assist teachers, students, and parents in the effective creation and implementation of individual education plans and behavior contracts and plans

Develop and facilitate faculty and staff professional development related to school culture and consistent enforcement of student discipline

Recruit, train and retain teaching and non-teaching school staff

Be an active member of the school improvement committee and similar school leadership teams

Attend meetings for district, school, facility, parent, and departments as appropriate

Proactively solve problems for trouble areas of school administration or logistics

Plan short term and long term strategic goals for school vision

Proactively address concerns identified by teachers

Thoughtfully design solutions to parent issues

Perform other related duties as required and assigned by principal and superintendent

Job Category:  Elementary/Primary
Position type:  Full-Time
School Type:  Independent Schools
Rural Schools
Suburban Schools
Charter Schools
Urban Schools
Subject:  Administrator
Salary:  $75,000 - $99,999
Additional information:  DIVERSITY RECRUITMENT PARTNERS is committed to helping school employers who are fostering a learning environment where diversity is encouraged in recruiting and retaining a workforce that reflects the diversity of their students and surrounding population and to hiring the best employees of all backgrounds who will bring their unique talents and skills into their school system. Bilingual, multicultural and diverse teacher candidates are encouraged to apply.
Special Instructions:  Apply to job on DIVERSITY in ED for HR Recruiters to quickly access your resume.
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